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Is Your Videoconferencing Solution Secure?

If your agency implemented a videoconferencing solution to continue connecting with your clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, did you confirm its data privacy and security practices?

Once medical and federal recommendations and requirements regarding social distancing due to COVID-10 came out, many behavioral health agencies moved fast to find a virtual solution for keeping appointments. Now the issue of how secure these videoconferencing apps really are is coming to light.

As part of its established suite of Client Engagement tools, Echo’s secure and HIPAA-approved TeleHealth service has proven to be the ideal solution during this pandemic.

Echo’s TeleHealth Service

Expand your agency’s reach by enabling clinicians to easily connect with clients no matter where they are with Echo’s TeleHealth solution. TeleHealth capabilities reduce client no-shows, increase productivity, and encourage better trust and peace of mind for the client.

The Benefits of TeleHealth

  • 100% HIPAA-compliant audio and video. All data is HIPAA secure and the technology meets or exceeds all U.S. government requirements without compromising ease-of-use
  • TeleHealth visits result in lower no-show rates
  • Industry-leading 99.85% successful connection rate (instant support available in the rare case someone has trouble)
  • Connect on a fraction of the bandwidth required by competitors while still maintaining HD quality video
  • Clients and providers can be anywhere
  • Any device with an internet connection can connect

To discuss bringing on Echo’s TeleHealth Services, please contact your account manager or call 603-447-8600.

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