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EHR Administrator – Your New Role

You want your day to include a little free time.

You are always running around solving problems, troubleshooting the network, or answering calls from frustrated staff. We manage EchoVantage in our SaaS environment, so you can take that break you have always wanted.

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How can I train when the application keeps going offline?

Our SaaS team monitors the network 24/7, freeing you to teach and focus on work that matters. EchoVantage is visual and designed as an easy to understand, easy to train application. Your training will occur as scheduled, and your users will benefit from new skills.

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I want to improve the user experience, not just troubleshoot.

You spend a lot of time solving problems, and then even when you fix the issue, you have unhappy users. EchoVantage includes a Form DesignEHR tool for creating your forms to meet the specific needs of your agency.

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Designed to let you focus on the important tasks.

Easy to Use
EchoVantage uses a visual interface to create an easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to train application.
Configuration Tools to Meet Your Needs
EchoVantage is an easy to use form tool to create the forms and workflow your organization, funders, and accreditors require. You can create your reports and make them available in EchoVantage.
Low Overhead, Low Maintenance
The user friendliness of EchoVantage reduces training costs and increases the EHR adoption rate. Our SaaS team is responsible for the application and related tasks. Then, you can focus on the tools that will improve the user experience.
What our users are saying:
We’ve just opened our first 24-hour Integrated Care Clinic, and we couldn’t have done it without the Echo software.
Larry Smith, CEO, Grand Lake Mental Health Center
CEO, Grand Lake Mental Health Center
The VHR allows our staff to better track assessment scores and dates, treatment plans, outcomes, allergies, and whatever else the staff need to provide high-quality service to our clients.
Jim Wilkerson
Director of Quality, Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois
I work with a lot of Clinical Directors. They are always telling me they need to change their processes to work with their Electronic Health Record software. With Echo, we don't need to do that.
Lissa James
Clinical Director, Grand Lake Mental Health Center
Having the ability to share and access this data will broaden our understanding of the complexities of the needs of the youth we serve. It allows us a specific and comprehensive understanding of the services they’ve received and from which provider. This will inform our care decisions moving forward.
Carolyn Spence
Network Chief Administrative Offices, Alexander Youth Network

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do users change passwords?
  • Do I have to be a programmer to use the form tool?

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