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Is Your EHR Safe from Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Did you choose an EHR vendor to protect your agency’s data?

The attack starts, well before anyone realizes it. An open of an intriguing email, a click on a promising attachment or link. Almost instantly, the computer is infected, files are encrypted, and the hackers are in. You were sure it would never happen to your agency—your employees have been instructed on best practices when it comes to suspicious emails.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. Even organizations with the best intentions and seemingly best-laid plans are not immune to sophisticated and crippling ransomware attacks that are gripping organizations of all types and sizes. The anger, then fear, of realizing your agency has been infiltrated by a clever digital diversion is terrifying and daunting.

Solutions for ransomware attacks on healthcare-related organizations have proven to be quite tricky as most technology systems are locked down by their electronic health record (EHR) vendors. This leads to an important question: when choosing your organization’s EHR provider, did you choose one who offers ransomware attack solutions?

Echo has identified the critical need for ransomware attack solutions and the importance of offering these solutions as part of its core services. Our response team is quick and actionable and is by your side throughout the data recovery process. As we move through the recovery, we set your organization up with an uncompromised database to allow your employees to put away the paper and pens they were temporarily forced to use and get back to working online. Our recovery solutions include offering professional services to rebuild your network, scanning for exposure, and adding Sophos™ to protect against future attacks, among other proprietary security measures.

We hope that you never need our ransomware attack services, but if you do, know that Echo views each customer as a true partner and will use our expertise to protect your agency and its clients.

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