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Saving 112.5 clinical hours/week = Productivity Math

Two of the biggest challenges you face today are maximizing services revenue and keeping valuable staff.

The Echo Group’s Visual Health Record (VHR) is helping our customers significantly increase productivity through the implementation of concurrent or collaborative documentation.

The VHR’s visual presentation shows only protected health information for one client and eliminates privacy concerns that other electronic health records might create.

The VHR also has an extremely intuitive design and minimal navigation that makes completing documentation in the clinical session easy.

The visual nature of Echo’s EHR means it can be a collaborative tool in the session with the person you are working with to jointly identify patterns and assess change.

So, what about maximizing services revenue? Implementing concurrent documentation with the Echo software helped one Echo customers save 6 minutes per service encounter.

That doesn’t seem like much, but let’s do the math:

  1. 11 min. – 5 min. = 6 minutes saved per session
  2. 6 min./session x 25 sessions = 2.5 EXTRA productivity hrs. per staff per week
  3. 2.5 hrs x 45 staff = 112.5 EXTRA productivity hrs. per staff per week

That’s what we call Productive Math!

And the staff were never happier …

Overall, I just like being able to have my notes done when I leave — no more doing notes in a rush between appointments, or worse during breaks or after work. And because my productivity is higher, I don’t feel as rushed between appointments — I can just talk to my clients and really focus on their needs.”

Watch the full webinar, Concurrent Documentation: The Time is Now or download the companion whitepaper, Concurrent Documentation in the age of CPT Codes.

Drop us a note,, or give us a call, 800.635.8209, when you’re ready to learn more.

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