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Let Your Client Records Speak for Themselves: Seeing is Perceiving

While most agencies I speak with have moved to using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to collect necessary data, agencies are less likely to have discovered the tremendous advantages of using an EHR that provides a visual display of the client’s file.  The Echo Group’s visual health record (VHR) is embedded within the EHR to intelligently display all the information you need at your fingertips, easy to access and interpret.  The VHR takes the advantages of the EHR, like time savings, paperwork reduction, and quality oversight, and expands them through a comprehensive, intuitive, and compelling view of a client’s time in your care.  Use the VHR to:

  • Save time by accessing all the information you need in one place, at your fingertips, clearly organized by date and content area.
  • Be well-informed by using colors and icons that alert you to issues, like incomplete documentation, and identify patterns to help anticipate potential issues and improve client care.
  • Monitor client progress at-a-glance, drill down into details as necessary and update client files all from one screen.

In the same way that we recognize a Stop sign and immediately know what it means, the VHR provides distinctive visual cues that immediately inform you about a client’s current status, progress while in care, and concerning patterns that might lead to negative outcomes.  It speaks to the quality of care you are providing your client and your client’s trajectory to achieve their goals.

As seen in the image below, we have designed the VHR for easy interpretation, given that our brains are wired to automatically interpret relationships between objects, allowing for instant comprehension with minimal effort.  This view of the client’­­­ file provides visual cues that break down information into manageable pieces that are easier to absorb.

If you’d like more information about Visual Health Records and their advantages, please visit us at The Echo Group and consider using us to help you visualize the future.

Visual Health Record

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