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Mental Health Clinician or App

Mental Health Apps

Can a cell phone app dismiss the need for mental health services? Or should a cell phone app act as an add-on to mental health services?

In today’s day and age, the above questions are developing a new concept. Though there is no set answer to support this point, there are varying advantages and disadvantages that cell phone apps have birthed. The desired approach depends on the individual.

Let us take a deeper look into the varying arguments surrounding this stance.

Who is a Mental Health Professional?

A mental health professional is certified and trained in providing counseling services to teach patients how to manage mental illnesses.

In addition to psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, clinicians, therapists, clinical social workers, mental health nurses, and peer support, family physicians provide mental health services.  Yet, for the individual finding services may be difficult.

Mental Health Professional vs. Mental Health Cell Phone App

There are over ten thousand mental health apps. In 2021, the apps continue to increase and become more advanced to meet the need of individuals.

Mental health apps provide the theoretical aspect of mental illnesses by highlighting signs, symptoms, and management methods.

However, though the apps are very insightful or economical, they struggle to stand alone and connect personally to bring about change in the lives of individuals who face mental health challenges. They are also good at guiding meditation, but most of them still point you to a licensed mental health care provider.

Many mental health apps are not tested or licensed, which will pose varying concerns if used separately from the guidance of licensed mental health professionals.

Mental health cell phone apps are instrumental when combined with regular office visits recommended by your mental health care provider. They also provide support for those not willing to seek help.

Creating and requesting mental health cell phone apps in society exposes the cry and need for mental health care.

The continuous advancement of these varying cell phone apps may, over time, help eradicate mental health stigmas and motivate the desire to seek help to be treated.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering a mental health cell phone app of your choosing, think carefully before deciding.

The truth is going through mental health challenges can be very personal and emotionally taxing. During this time, it causes feelings of vulnerability that make choosing to tell your life story to a mental health professional difficult.

Choosing a mental health professional pushes you to trust and become transparent. Maybe you are not comfortable with that as yet? Many persons feel better using a cell phone app because they don’t feel much to lose if it doesn’t work.

Be encouraged; a cell phone app is excellent as you discover how to deal with your mental health issue and be aware. The best help might be to use the app with a licensed mental health professional you can trust and connect with to receive the best service results for you now and in the future.

The critical aspect of therapy is not to feel you must suffer alone but to get the help you need to heal and become your best self.

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