The upcoming enhancements of ShareCare Release 8.14 will go a long way in making our ShareCare community more efficient.

The ShareCare development team is steadfastly working on Release 8.14, which will include the following:

  • Staff will be able to create service clusters. Clusters will be used for Admission’s auto-created authorization.
  • A new Guarantor screen will allow users to enter a guarantor and see all associated clients.
  • Med Coordinator and ID will be added to the Admissions screen.
  • The Rebill screen will now have PCCN as an additional search option.
  • The Guarantor Balance will be available on the Invoice Lookup on the Receivables screen.
  • The MMEF Share of Cost Report will include the consumer’s last service date and the Partial Match Report will not contain the client’s CIN.
  • A new Patient Statement, together with setup screen, will be available. A Global Variable is added to allow customers to select between the two Gurarantor statements.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that ShareCare will support ColdFusion 2018 and SQL Server 2017.  Look for this release in the first quarter of 2020.

We are also working on the specification of the new 274 for review by the user group. Counties can use the 274 to submit Managed Care Provider data to DHCS.

These updates are huge differentiators for ShareCare and will prove to be critical to the long term success of our ShareCare customers. Stay tuned for the actual release notes coming soon.