Echo Swiftly Responds to TeleHealth Needs Due to COVID-19


As a result of the recent demand and necessity for virtual and remote appointments due to COVID-19 across all healthcare sectors, including behavioral health, Echo’s TeleHealth and SMS Text Messaging services have been immediately enacted by several agencies to support them in providing services, additional communication methods, and protection of clients and staff during this challenging time.

Echo’s SMS Text Messaging is allowing agencies to communicate timely information immediately to clients with mobile devices. This has proven important for behavioral health agencies during this crisis as information is rapidly changing at local, state, and national levels.

Echo’s TeleHealth is enabling staff and clients to maintain appointments via laptops, smartphones, or tablets no matter where they are in order to limit in-person visits during this time of social distancing. With Echo’s TeleHealth module, clinicians are able to see the client and engage with them. This not only allows the client to continue receiving treatment but also helps them to feel safe and supported as they know that they are still able to communicate with their caregivers. Once several current customers identified the need for TeleHealth services, Echo was able to quickly and seamlessly implement the module for immediate use.

As states begin to instate emergency orders of temporary expansion of access to telehealth services across the country due to COVID-19, the Echo team looks forward to helping behavioral health agencies implement virtual communication methods within this new normal we are all experiencing.

If your agency is interested in Echo’s TeleHealth or SMS Text Messaging services, click here for more information, contact your account manager or call 603-447-8600. If you aren’t a current customer, it is important to note that we are able to get new customers up to speed with SMS Messaging and TeleHealth just as easily as we are able to set up current customers.

Together, we will continue to navigate the challenges that COVID-19 presents and come through this stronger than ever.

Stay safe, look after one another, and we’re here when you need us.

The Echo Team