Clinical Success Is Spelled ‘IT’


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WordItOut-word-cloud-1148839If you’re launching a clinical initiative, like it or not, you’re also launching an IT initiative.

With your  increasing reliance on technology (adoption of EHRs, increased demand for data to support clinical programming, and increased demand for your clinicians to get more done in less time) any new clinical program you propose will require a significant information technology component.

In this process your IT component shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be a focal point from the start.

The more your organization focuses on the clinical/IT relationship, the better chance you have at ensuring success.

  • But is IT an after thought or is this planning engaged from the start?
  • How does your organization manage the clinical/IT relationship to ensure success?
  • CIO, Manager of IT, etc … what’s the right role and what do you gain or lose by not properly aligning IT leadership with your clinical initiatives and goals?

In this webinar, hear from two unique and forward looking behavioral health organizations that recognized the pivotal role their IT leadership played in successfully achieving their clinical goals.

Monarch: In 2012 Echo customer Monarch Behavioral Health launched a first-of-its-kind open access service model in North Carolina emphasizing easier access, much shorter wait times, and improved care for their clients.

Monarch received 138 client walk-ins that first month. Twenty-four months later they received 2,539 walk-ins — a 1726 percent increase.

Grand Lake Mental Health Center: As part of a strong commitment to extend the lives of individuals with serious mental illness, Grand Lake Mental Health Center, located in Nowata, Oklahoma, set a vision to establish health homes for their consumers.

GLMHC took an approach that was a bit different than their peer organizations in Oklahoma. Instead of a Case Management approach with a focus on linkage to services, GLMHC chose to open their own primary care clinic.

GLMHC was the first behavioral health organization in the nation to garner Meaningful Use EHR Incentive funding. In just a little over 12 months from their meaningful use funding, GLMHC began providing primary care services to the people they serve with mental illness.

Meet the Speakers:
Chris Thompson
Senior Clinical Operations Director

Jason Cagle
HIT Manager Monarch

Larry Smith
COO, Grand Lakes Mental Health