2020 Quarter Three Release Notes and Newly Released Functionality: EchoVantage


The Echo development team is continually working to improve the EchoVantage experience for our customers. Here is a summary of recent releases, new features, updates, and bug fixes to expect in Quarter Three of 2020:

Recently released

  • Client Tabs 

You can now add custom forms designer screens to the Profile, Episodes, and Enrollment tabs. This functionality also allows you to set the display order. With this new functionality, you have the flexibility to manage, design, and use the forms you need to collect client data specific to your organization. This new feature is available in 3.12.

Coming in the 3rd Quarter

  • Client Portal Including Informs, and Remote Forms

The new client portal will include access to Remote Forms. Providers in the community will be able to log into the portal and complete forms necessary to maintain the clinical record without logging into EchoVantage.

  • Takebacks & Overpayments

Will provide an improved workflow for managing duplicate payments, overpayments, takebacks, retroactive rate changes, and a myriad of other billing scenarios.

  • Client Duplicate Checking

An improved duplicate check will look for similar clients when you enter a new client to assist in preventing duplicate clients from being created.

  • Smarter signature routing, so that the forms get to the right person who needs to sign them

When the person who completed a form is not the person who should sign it, this new workflow will send the form to the person who needs to sign it.