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PowerTalk: Simplifying HIPAA

We are happy to present our partner, Abyde, industry-leading HIPAA experts, to provide HIPAA education to our customers.

Your practice has many priorities, and HIPAA compliance is often at the bottom of the list. But with increasing HIPAA complaints in 2020 and recent enforcement action, HIPAA should be a top priority for practices as we look to 2021.

Learning Objectives

  • High-level HIPAA education for practice management
  • Government standards for HIPAA compliance programs
  • What documentation is required to pass a HIPAA audit
  • Real-world examples of audit letters, fines, and OCR stats on HIPAA enforcement

Watch the webinar to learn why HIPAA compliance should be your practice’s top priority during these changing times.

HIPAA PowerTalk On Demand

Simplifying HIPAA by Abyde

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