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Unlocking your Organization’s Value: Data is the Key


Today’s environment compels you to demonstrate the value of the services your organization provides. You typically put a great deal of effort into creating and conceptualizing programs but don’t always take the critical step of using data to showcase your value and make informed decisions. Using data intentionally to demonstrate and facilitate meaningful results may require you to change the way you think about your data and your approach to decision-making. Instead of focusing on mandated reporting data, you may consider another perspective – what decisions are you making and what do you need to know to make those decisions? From there, you can begin to truly use your data to change your work for the better.

Learning Objectives
  • Participants will be able to use data to communicate the value of their agency’s work by examining relevant core questions such as:
    • In what ways are our program’s ultimate goals being attained?
    • Is the effectiveness of our services demonstrable?
  • Participants will learn how to incorporate data into their current processes and establish a data feedback loop involving those delivering the services to incorporate their knowledge and expertise throughout the organization.
Presented by
Kelly Stepura, LMSW, PhD

Chief Clinical Innovation Officer, The Echo Group

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