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It’s ‘No-click brilliance!’ In 90 seconds we’ll show you why Echo’s Visual Health Record is the best EHR for Behavioral Health.

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‘We conform the software to our business …’ Jason Cagle speaks to the flexibility the Echo Visual Health Record offers his organization.

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An EHR Transformation: Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Inc. changed the way they do business to become a leader in Integrated Primary and Behavioral Healthcare.

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Clinical Success is spelled IT If you’re launching a clinical initiative, like it or not you’re also launching an IT initiative. With the increasing reliance on technology any new clinical program you propose will require a significant information technology component.

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Revenue Cycle Management: Keys to Financial Health Improve your organization’s financial health. Echo CFO Ben Pease and VP for Business Development Joe Viger share Revenue Cycle Management best practices.

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Leveraging Technology to Become the Urgent Care Model for Behavioral Health Monarch discusses its first-of-its-kind, open access service model in North Carolina that emphasizes easier access, dramatically shorter wait times, and improved care.

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Concurrent Documentation: The Time is Now, Presented by: Jim Wilkerson, Director of Quality Management and Outcome Evaluation, Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois

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Webinar Integrated Care Means an Integrated EHR

Integrated Care Means an Integrated EHR, Presented by: Steve LaFleur, Chief Information Officer, Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Inc.

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To the Cloud! Look Before You Leap You’ve heard about ‘The Cloud’ and if you believe the hype, it’s where we all should be using enterprise software applications. Or should we?

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New Opportunities For Clinical Decision Support: A New Breed of EHR Software and the Era of Meaningful Use Brings CDs to Life Healthcare policy-makers are trying to take advantage of speed, efficiency, and security of computers to improve the quality of care and outcomes.

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Concurrent Documentation in the age of CPT Codes summarizes the issues–and opportunities–available for behavioral healthcare providers.

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Primary Care Integration for Behavioral Health Care Organizations: A Profile of Three Approaches to Integration Learn about how three behavioral health organizations are leading the charge on integrating primary and behavioral health care, all with different approaches.

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