Addiction Treatment

For addiction treatment providers, Electronic Health Records have never been more important. 

Over 50% of our partners offer addiction treatment services. Our work with these organizations has resulted in additions to the Echo Group suite of software that brings your work to a whole new level.

Advancements resulting from our important partnerships include:

  • The ability to track levels of care as clients move through your treatment program
  • Efficient documentation and billing for group services
    Support for specialized privacy and confidentiality requirements
  • Flexible treatment plan formatting to address the needs of various and multidisciplinary treatment settings
  • Libraries of critical administrative and treatment forms
  • Support for ASI and ASAM data
  • Lab work documentation
  • Manage services against time-based caps
  • Integrated e-Prescirbing to support MAT requirements

Learn more about EchoVantage – The only EHR that shows you the road to recovery.

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