Potential of Flexibility | The Echo group





Don’t underestimate how important configurability is when making an investment in a behavioral health electronic health record and billing system.  
One of the primary challenges we hear from organizations expressing interest in The Echo Group’s products is a need for greater flexibility.  
In our current climate of change there is no other way your organization can thrive with an EHR.

The Echo Group offers more ability to configure your solutions.

You’ll have the benefit of true flexibility whether you deploy our product in the Cloud or as a self-hosted solution. Here’s what counts:

  • Echo’s Visual Health Record allows you full control over the user experience with the ability to add icons and color indicators that convey true at-a-glance meaning to your team.
  • Role-specific interfaces can be configured in the VHR. Your organization has different types of staff and your EHR should accommodate them!  Therapists, residential staff, case managers and physicians can all have different views and workflows to create the most efficiency and assist with regulation compliance.
  • Data collection needs change and Echo’s Form Designer gives our customers the ultimate ability to address those changes… themselves. Without costly development and in a way that doesn’t constrain your ability to upgrade the application.
  • With Echo’s open database design, there are virtually no reporting constraints. Our Report Builder tool brings Crystal Reports seamlessly into our applications.  And if there is some other SQL-compliant reporting tool you prefer to use… no problem!
  • Echo’s billing software provides enormous capability to configure rules around payers, services, rates and bill/remittance formats. We’ve observed that Echo’s billing rule tools can often address billing changes that are a software development project for our competitors.
Drop us a note, info@echoman.com, or give us a call, 800.635.8209, when you’re ready to learn more.