Meaningful Use Certification

Costs and Limitations

(Revised 5/18/2016)

Additional Software Used: DrFirst Rcopia e-Prescribing; EMR Direct phimail.

Costs and Limitations: These certified products-versions require an annual contractual commitment that may include one-time costs to establish interfaces for reporting, lab services, pharmacy services and secure email and on-going annual fees to support the same. DrFirst licensing is non-transferable per named DEA licensed prescriber. EMR Direct licensing is based on the number of paid billing providers. All users of both products must go through identity proofing. There are no known technical or practical limitations. (Applies to both ONC certifications)

Clinician’s Desktop v.10.0

ONC Certification Number: 04282014‐1976‐1
CMS Certified EHR Number: A014E01O5VVOEAF

Certificate of EHR Compliance 2014 CDT

Echo Visual Health Record v.10.0

ONC Certification Number: 04282014‐1976‐1NC
CMS Certified EHR Number: 1314E01OUSILEAF

Certificate of EHR Compliance 2014 VHR