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ShareCare is a web-based Managed Care system integrated into the Echo product suite. ShareCare MCO provides the critical functionality you need to manage the complexities of provider relationships and improve your authorization and adjudication workflow.
Here are a few of the many benefits ShareCare MCO provides our customers:

  • Clinical Summary screen, a “one stop shop” of clinical data for clients
  • Provider search including by zip code
  • Multiple authorization types including clusters and blanket authorizations
  • User-definable adjudication rules
  • Easy to use random claim audit capabilities
  • Support to accept 837 claims and provide 835 remittance
  • Provider portal to facilitate authorization request and claim entry
  • Multiple levels of claim approval
  • Claim readjudication when rates change or corrections are needed
  • Full integration with The Echo Group’s electronic health record

We can easily manage a client’s individual care, provider and contractor rates and authorizations, systems of care, and oversee our entire system. ShareCare allows us to do what we do, just in a better way.” Dipak Neupane, Financial Systems Analyst, Santa Barbara County – ADMHS

Drop us a note, info@echoman.com, or give us a call, 800.635.8209, when you’re ready to learn more.