Revenue Manager

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Revenue Manager

Designed specifically for behavioral healthcare billing, Revenue Manager is integrated with the Visual Health Record/Clinician’s Desktop. Revenue Manager maximizes the efficiency of your clinical and fiscal operations.
Revenue Manager is a full-featured accounts receivables application designed specifically for behavioral health billing operations.
  • Efficiently turn client activity from Clinician’s Desktop into accurate billable services in Revenue Manager
  • Produce bills and track non-billable services with the click of the mouse
  • Create HIPAA Compliant 837 Transactions and receive 835 Electronic Remittances
  • Enter, track, and report on payments from all types of funding sources including grants and contracts
  • Simplify system administration and improve cash flow with powerful Revenue Manager billing configuration tools that allow your billing staff the ability to manage pay sources, services and rates
  • Generate comprehensive clinical, fiscal, and management reports or tailor our standard reports to your exact needs

Fiscal EKG

The Fiscal EKG (FEKG) is Echo’s dashboard solution bringing you deeper insights to your organization’s financial health by tracking specific KPI like:


  • Total amount billed—in realtime
  • Client hours by program last 12 months
  • Billed by program last 12 months
  • Top payers last 12 months
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