Echo's EHR / RCO Partner Program has zero upfront costs!

Echo's EHR / RCO eliminates billing headaches

EHR / RCO Partner Program

Echo’s exclusive EHR / RCO Partner Program eliminates your largest barriers to switching EHRs — time and money.

How? We start with Revenue Cycle Optimization. With Echo’s RCO team handling your billing services, we start fast. In most cases we’re billing within 90 days.

We make the switch affordable. We’ve done away with the huge upfront costs often required to purchase an EHR. Finally, we share the commitment. We don’t get paid for our services until we get you paid for yours.

Echo’s new EHR / RCO Partner Program addresses two of the challenges we know agencies struggle with everyday — increasing your revenue and having confidence in your EHR.” — Matt Caggiano, Chief Executive Officer

Learn how the exclusive EHR / RCO Partner Plan can work for you!

We also make it easy to switch to the Visual Health Record, the first and only Electronic Health Record of its kind.

On a single screen a visual story unfolds. Clinicians gain deeper insights that results in better quality of care.

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