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Hosting Services

Hosting Services

The Echo Group understands that some customers need full control over their technical environment and others prefer not to take on the task of managing an enterprise-wide software product. With Echo, you have a choice. 
It’s your data, you make the call.

Software as a Service:

The Echo Group is unique in giving our customers the choice of contracting for our products as a fully owned, self-hosted solution or through a Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. With Echo’s Hosting Services, you access our products through a web browser with no local software installation. Software licenses, hosting and software maintenance fees are all bundled into a single subscription fee.

Not all Cloud solutions are equal.  Echo’s approach has several unique features that distinguish it from other solutions in the market including:

  • A customizable web portal that offers your staff software access along with the ability to add other resources that serve as your organization’s intranet
  • Unlike competitive behavioral health SaaS solutions, the Echo approach delivers all the screen design, reporting and database flexibility our customers have come to expect from Echo software
  • Outstanding system performance you can verify with statistics published right to your portal page
  • Managed upgrades and ongoing maintenance of Echo software and all related products

Other Cloud Services:

The Echo Group works hard to assist customers where they need it most.  If you prefer to host the system on your hardware and at your location, Echo’s Cloud Services can still help you address critical needs that might be difficult for your team and with more value than a local consultant.

This is a great option for new customers who need help filling gaps in their IT strategy. It is also the perfect solution for existing Echo customers who own licenses and have realized they don’t want to manage their own infrastructure any more.  Ask us about our IT offerings including server co-location, back up services and server/product installation.

Drop us a note,, or give us a call, 800.635.8209, when you’re ready to learn more.