Remote Forms

Instant Access to Critical Data

Without EHR Connection

Echo’s Remote Forms allows your custom Form DesignEHR screens to be securely available to staff that don’t have access to the full EHR. With one URL and a set of credentials, the user can complete the forms online no matter where they are.

Initially developed for Foster Care agencies, Remote Forms can also serve many other agency needs where full system access is not required for data collection.


The agency is able to control the design and workflow of the form using Form DesignEHR

Electronic Signature

Forms can be signed and locked.

Access to Information

Once the form is saved, the information is instantly available within the visual health record (VHR).

Increased Productivity

  • Forms are instantly shared between VHR and Remote Forms.
  • Timely billing
  • Increased Stipend Accuracy as information is instantly entered

Remote Forms enable your clinicians to reduce information delay, billing errors, redundant documentation, and overwhelmed staff. Give your clinicians the ability to directly input information without the need for paper forms, scanning, and re-entry of data.

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Remote Forms

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