EchoVantage Fiscal Features

Echo applies the power of visual to your billing workflow. Streamline and simplify a complex process so you can recover the maximum funds to which you are entitled.

“Maximize your fiscal health with tools that simplify a complex task.”

Central Workspace

The Fiscal VantagePoint functions as a central workspace for your entire billing process. It instantly shows you all billing steps on one screen.

Claims Management

Quickly identify patient balances by summary or detail. Easy access to the data you need now.

Online Error Reporting & Resolution

Billing errors are displayed as a hyperlink for efficient resolution.

The visual nature of the EchoVantage fiscal homepage has streamlined and simplified the complicated billing process.

echoVantage is Visual


  • The Fiscal Homepage uses the power of visual to demonstrate the financial health of your organization.
  • Through the use of visual indicators, billing staff know which tasks need the most attention.
  • Selecting any item shows you exactly where you are in the process.


  • Behavioral Health billing is complex. We simplify the process for you.
  • A functional, central work-space for all your billing tasks.
  • Built on 38 years of behavioral health experience.


  • Custom billing thresholds allow staff to prioritize tasks and workload.
  • Systematic approach to all billing processes will reduce staff training time.
  • The use of hyperlinks makes navigation, updates, and corrections fast and easy.

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