Revenue Cycle Management

Lower Your Aged Receivables While Increasing Collections

Echo’s experienced Revenue Cycle Management team
can partner with your organization to conduct billing operations
and improve your results.


  • Echo’s expert A/R team averages over 15 years of RCM experience
  • Knowledge of billing regulations in 35 states and counting
  • For over 38 years, we have maximized revenue for behavioral health organizations. This industry has always been our company's sole focus.


  • A customized approach tuned to your business needs
  • Ongoing evaluation with your organization to ensure growth and continuous best practice improvement
  • Transparent process so that you always know where you stand


  • Increased collections
  • Decreased denials
  • Decreased aged receivable
  • No worry of billing staff turnover or training
  • More time for your management team to focus on other important tasks.
1 %
Increased Collection Rate
1 %
Reduction Outstanding Receivables
Months Result Time

“Within 12 months, Echo’s RCM team was generating positive outcomes. Most notably, Heritage realized increased collection rates while their accounts receivable was reduced by 67%. This included recovering over $1 million that Heritage was prepared to write off.”

We Can Customize Your Plan

What parts of the process below do you need help with? Echo will develop a plan that addresses your organization's specific needs.


Expired licenses and paneling can cost the organization time and money. Echo maintains credentialing for individual providers to assure payment for services.

Verify Eligibility

We check client eligibility using a variety of methods to assure the client is enrolled in the benefit program that funds their services. This service reduces rejections, re-billing and re-processing and assures smooth collections.

Prior Authorizations

Authorization may be required before services can be provided. Once service authorizations are expended or expire, we obtain the information necessary and obtain new authorizations.

Charge Posting

Many errors can occur during service processing. We provide the resources to research and correct those errors with you which reduces denials and days in A/R.

Claim Submission

Echo will produce and submit claims both electronic and paper. Our process helps eliminate customer data entry and reduce the days in A/R.


Echo employs a multi-tier approach to assure clean claims are submitted to funders. Echo utilizes our own proprietary claim Scrubber and a team of experts with the knowledge and resources to correct rejections.

Payment (Transaction) Posting

Echo checks bank account deposit and locates corresponding remittance files. Echo processes electronic and paper claims faster and with fewer errors. All payments entered into the application are reconciled with your deposits daily.

Denial Management

Echo understands why a claim is denied and rapidly responds to the payer to get claims resolved. We take full advantage of our resources, experience, and attitude to convince funders to pay.

Appeal Procedure

When sufficient documentation exists, Echo initiates and follows through the appeals process. Our economy of scale and cross training of staff means we can dedicate more resources than a single organization can.

Accounts Receivable

Echo shall review all Aged Receivables regularly to ensure all claims are in process to be paid. Reports will be provided to track trends and identify any problem areas that need attention.

GL Post, Month End Reports

General Ledger is updated faster so you can make decisions sooner. End of Month Reports built into Revenue Manager make it easy to reconcile accounts and understand underlying data in your A/R sub-ledger in real time.

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