WEBINAR ON DEMAND: The Excellence in Mental Health Act and CCBHC Readiness


The Excellence in Mental Health Act will revolutionize behavioral health care and The Echo Group is uniquely suited to be your partner as you work to redefine your organization.

Here’s how the Echo Group can help:

Expert Staff: Our experts stay close to evolving initiatives and that support will be critical in adapting the new standards and requirements in the era of the CCBHC.

The Visual Health Record: The VHR is a revolutionary EHR for revolutionizing health care. No other behavioral health EHR gives you a comprehensive view of all services allowing you a real tool in coordinating care and providing whole person treatment. Additionally, The Echo Group has the products to address the requirements of the complete service array and the flexibility to address evolving needs defined by your State.

Customer Community: The Echo Group has customers in 17 of the 24 states selected in the initial round of funding and our Peer to Peer initiative and user group communities will be a difference maker in dealing with the change brought on by CCBHCs.

Reporting: Our completely certified electronic health record will assist you in collecting and reporting the quality measure you need. Additionally, our clinical dashboards can help you prepare for and manage your service array. Implementing the new Prospective Payment approach is supported with our Fiscal EKG reporting tool to help you review your cost of service.

Coordinating Care/HIE: With CCDA and secure email technology we’re ready to help you be the behavioral health provider of choice with other healthcare partners.

We are your partner in the redesign to continue to ensure that our partners are clinically effective and financially strong.

Access Echo’s On Demand Webinar: The Excellence in Mental Health Act and CCBHC Readiness

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