2020 Quarter Four Release Notes and New Functionality: EchoVantage


The Echo development team is continually working to improve the EchoVantage experience for our customers. Here is a summary of recent releases, new features, updates, and bug fixes to expect in Quarter Four of 2020.

Recently Released

Take Backs

New Takebacks and Unapplied Payments allow you to process payments, including overpayments and reversals or prior payments as unapplied payments. You may receive a reversal in an 835, and with this new functionality, you can manage your transactions.

Once you have processed the reversal as an Unapplied Payment, you can review the action in the new Unapplied Payment interface.






In the final step, the user posts the reversal against the charge.

Client Portal with Echo Informs

Client’s and authorized representatives now have access to a new client portal.  A client can send and receive messages from the portal, check their balance, review and request appointments, see their health information, and receive and complete forms.  The forms are the same forms that are available in the waiting room on a tablet or at a kiosk. Once completed, the forms appear on the timeline for review by the clinician.

New Look Foster Parent Portal

Foster Parent documentation in one location. You assign forms and identify the responsible person at the placement record. When the user logs onto the portal, they can complete the forms for all assigned residents and review prior forms as needed.

The completed form appears on the timeline for review by the clinician.
In this image, the user has access to the forms for all residents of the foster home.

Coming in the 4th Quarter

Progress Note status on the Scheduler
​You no longer will need to open the service screen to see progress note status.  The same information will appear on the Scheduler.

Track Client Payer priority changes over time
The new functionality will allow you to view all changes to payer priority over time, no longer limited to the current priority data.

See Resources on the Schedule and Search for Next Available
​Currently, resource information is only available on the event. The new functionality will add resource information onto the schedule and within Search for Next Available to confirm a resource’s availability when searching for the next available appointment time.