A Colorful Mashup of Highlights from the 2019 Quarter 1 Meeting

The Echo Group’s first quarterly meeting of 2019 shed light, and candy, on the company’s first quarter successes.

This past Friday brought together two cultural celebrations to help kick off The Echo Group’s 2019 first quarter meeting—Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby turned into Cinco de Derby at the Echo offices. The Echo team took full creative license with the combined theme by setting up festive food tables, decorations, and several pinatas to break open throughout the meeting.

After everyone had a full plate and the first pinata was broken, CEO Matt Caggiano started off the meeting with Q1 highlights of exceeding overall total revenue expectations while keeping expenses down and ending with a total EBITDA at more than 5% above budget. Of particular interest were departmental successes such as positive Customer Support feedback and performance, notable Development milestones, and in the Revenue Cycle Management department, the highest collections numbers ever achieved.

Many thanks to individual employees were shouted out along with the newly introduced concept of Employees of the Quarter. This honor went to Jayson Rines, Network Administrator, and Kali Zumpfe, Director of Business Relations. Both Jayson and Kali were overwhelmingly recognized for their dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm for Echo and its customers.

Across all departments, the first quarter message was clear: Echo is moving from strength to strength with many exciting developments to welcome in the coming months.

All Staff Q1 2019

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