NatCon16, Viva Las Vegas!

Visual art amplifies, clarifies, and simplifies complex information.

Visual art gives meaning to what might seem meaningless.

Visual art is powerful and effective communication.

Echo’s Visual Health Record is just that, Visual. It’s the first and only Electronic Health Record of its kind.

On a single screen a visual story unfolds. Clinicians gain deeper insights that results in a better quality of care.

Echo’s Visual Health Record is the best EHR for Behavioral Health.

Speed painter Tim Decker
See renowned speed painter Tim Decker Live at NatCon16!

Renown speed painter Tim Decker is also Visual. In a matter of minutes he transforms meaningless paint splaters into remarkable portraits.

See both the Visual Health Record and Tim Decker live at NatCon16!

Click here to enter online: We're giving away three Tim Decker originals and a 50-inch TV this week at #NatCon16. You can’t win if you don’t play.


Speed Painter Tim Decker 2016 Promo Video from Tim Decker on Vimeo.

Speed Painter Tim Decker

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